Our Approach

Learning Outcome focused

Evaluation of outcomes is as an important part of the journey as taking part. We want you to truly understand the benefits of the experience and how you can continue to build on the success made during your visit. Outdoor education is most effective when it becomes part of the way the curriculum is taught not just an isolated event. We provide a toolkit to help you develop a clear understanding of the impact a visit to Adventure Kent has on your pupils.

The learning process is led by you and your school, Adventure Kent will offer support, guidance expert instruction and supervision to make your ambitions reality Let’s explore how best to achieve the outcomes you need.

Popular Learning outcomes we have previously delivered include.

  • Working together as a team to complete a task
  • Understanding the needs and expectations of others
  • Making decisions and understanding affect
  • Building self confidence
  • Understanding the natural environment and how I affect it
  • Subject specific study of the natural landscape such as
    • Slate - a study of the Slate Industry in North Wales
    • National Park Upland Management - footpath management and conservation in the National Parks.
    • SSSIs and the effect of Gorge Walking on them.
    • Impact of Tourism on the National Park
    • Impact of Leisure on the National Park
    • Sea
    • Coastal Management
    • Dune Morphology
    • Pollution
    • Beach Profiles
    • Coastal Erosion Features
    • Weather
    • Mountain Weather
    • Map Skills and Navigation
    • Settlement Studies
    • Energy, HEP, Nuclear, Wind Farm, Alternative Technology
    • Rivers
    • Soils
    • Weathering and Erosion
    • Vegetation Study
    • Glaciation and Glacial Geomorphology
    • Regional Development
    • Farming / Upland Farming
    • A55 / Conwy Tunnel / Holyhead Development
    • Investigate similarities and differences between local area and North Wales.
    • Cliff and beach studies at nearby Hastings and Camber Sands
    • The Swattenden grounds provide an opportunity to study trees, hedgerows and ponds and the ecosystems they support, not forgetting our SSSI Meadow

Developing the whole person

We see how outdoor learning can change an individual’s outlook on the world around them. Many people have spring boarded from a residential experience to make a significant change in their wider lives.