Our Approach

The Adventure Kent Approach

We believe outdoor learning should be used across the whole curriculum. We offer opportunities to deliver a vast number of outcomes across multiple subjects within the natural environment. While always ensuring Adventure is at the heart of everything we do.

The new National Curriculum states all pupils should be taught as part of the physical education syllabus to

take part in outdoor and adventurous activity challenges both individually and within a team

We believe outdoor and adventurous activities benefits can be applied to all areas of the curriculum reaching far beyond physical education. We will take the time to understand your needs and offer a solution that not only meets your expectations but excels them. Learning is a lifelong journey so why not have an adventure along the way.

The first question we ask and an important first stage in understanding your specific needs for your visit is a very simple one.

What do you hope to achieve?

Do you want to build confidence, Work well with others (Team Building), adventure activity participation.

We take learning outside the classroom a step further at Adventure Kent, for many, adventurous activities are a challenge in themselves so it’s no wonder most companies talk about building resilience and confidence. At Adventure Kent we specialise on the additional benefits and learning opportunities by taking the time to understand your goals we can ensure every opportunity is taken to support you.

An example of how we work:

AK - What do you want to achieve?

School - We want to improve team work and have fun.

AK - Why?

School - Because the class are easily distracted in a group setting and lose sight of the objective individuals struggle to have their voices herd during group work while others cause disruption through disengagement.

AK - We will plan activities around team participation, communication and consequence, to achieve your specific aims. We will start with simple tasks to build confidence concentrating on communication and the understanding and creation of a successful team structure.

Our recommendation may look something like this:

A great starter activity would be nightline- Your group is split into pairs one with their senses restricted (Blindfolded) then guided along an obstacle course. This will break the group up into pairs so each individual gets the opportunity to lead another, often the biggest barrier to successful group working is the inability of individuals to lead or be led, this activity puts each participant into a position where they are being trusted or have to trust another’s judgement and direction.

Your instructor will guide the groups learning to enable the group to challenge themselves and each other. Reviews will take place throughout the session to ensure continual progression and learning via peer review and instructor guidance. All reviews are carried out in a fun and informative manner through group discussion with all ideas and thoughts encouraged. Your instructor will summarise at the end of the session asking learners to self-appraise the experience and what they have taken from it. This will lead onto further activities appropriate to the ability of the group and your preferences. We will continually review your programme across your stay to ensure we maximise your groups potential and deliver meaningful outcomes.