RYA Windsurfing

Adult Windsurfing

Taster Windsurfing

Price £120

Fancy a go at Windsurfing but not sure you want to commit to a full course? We will take you through the basics and get you out on the board. If; like us, you think it’s the best sport ever then your instructor will be happy to advise on the most appropriate course for you. With qualified instructors guiding you through we are certain you will get a great deal from this single day on the water.

We only offer a full day’s taster session; this ensures you get a valid experience. Not to mention a good deal of time on the water. By attending for a full day you can be sure if the sport is right for you before committing to any further training or expense.

Beginners Windsurfing

Price £180

Windsurfing is fantastic. Come and try it on one of our RYA certified courses. We will get you up and going on the board. With qualified instructors guiding you through we think you will love it. You will learn all the practical skills you will need to go backwards and forwards. You will not be jumping and riding waves but you will have a great time. If you think it’s the best sport ever then you can sign onto an improver’s course which follows the RYA Fast forward scheme.

Windsurfing Improvers part 1

Price £190

Introducing you to the RYA Fast forward coaching technique, helping you fine tune basic skills and make your windsurfing faster and more fluid. You will be concentrating on better stance, faster tacks and all round improvement. Hopefully at the end you will have earned your RYA Intermediate (non-planing) certificate.

Windsurfing Improvers part 2 – Fast forward Progression

Price £190

Are your arms starting to hurt in the stronger winds? We’ll teach you how to use a harness and foot straps. This is the second part of the RYA Intermediate course, building on your skills to get the board planing. Getting confident with your gybes and generally sorting things out; hopefully leading to the RYA Intermediate (planing) certificate.

Youth Windsurfing

Stage 1

Price £145

Age 8+

An ideal introduction for beginners – you will learn the basics of getting on the water and sailing the board across the wind and back.

Stage 2

Price £180

Age 8+

Practical skills to get you sailing around a course practising tacking and gibing – enabling you to make progression towards and away from the wind.

Stage 3

Price £2

Age 11+

Set up your board and rig correctly, enhance your stance on all points of sailing and introduce basic harness techniques in stronger winds.

Stage 4

Price £275

Age 11+

Blasting around and getting into foot straps is what this is all about! At the end of this you will be confidently tacking and gybing and sailing in your harness with a basic introduction to foot straps.