RYA Sailing

Looking to learn how to Sail in Kent? How about the idyllic setting of Bewl Water.  

Our RYA approved centre set on the banks of Bewl Water is the ideal location to learn to sail in Kent. Take a look at our courses below.

Adult Sailing Courses

RYA Level 1 Start Sailing

Price £195

The aim of this course is to provide a sound introduction to the sport of sailing. You will learn basic boat handling skills and essential background knowledge. With an instructor and two other students in the boat with you, learning the first steps will be an exciting and enjoyable experience

RYA Level 2 The Next Step – Basic Skills

Price £195

On completion of this course, the successful sailor will be safety conscious, have a basic knowledge of sailing and be capable of sailing without an instructor on board in light winds. Assessment is on a continual basis.

During the course a capsize recovery will be conducted in a controlled manner, with a rescue craft in attendance.

Fast Track RYA

Price  £345

Levels 1 & 2 Beginner to Basic Skills

Prerequisite: None

Candidates needed for course to run – Two

This course should take you from being a complete beginner to the standard of RYA Basic Skills, covering the syllabus of RYA Level 1 Start Sailing and Level 2 Basic Skills.

RYA Level 3 Better Sailing

Price £195

Candidates needed for course to run – Two

Prerequisite: Level 2 or other experience

This Improver course seeks to bridge the gap between Level 2 and the advanced modules and should make the transition easier. You will get the opportunity to practice and consolidate your technique.

You will also get a taste of what some of the advanced modules have to offer.

Seamanship Skills

Price £195.00

Candidates needed for course to run – Two

Following straight on from the RYA Level 2 Basic Skills course, you will learn practical sailing techniques such as anchoring, reefing, man overboard recovery, launching and landing.

Sailing with Spinnakers

Price £195

This course will take the form of a number of practical workshops looking at boat preparation, land drills and using both conventional and asymmetric spinnakers. Relevant theory will include ‘apparent wind’ and rig set-up. This is for those sailors who have RYA Level 2 or sail at a similar standard.

Advanced Skills Week


  • 18+ £345
  • Under 18's £275

Adults & under 18’s

The aim of this course is to develop your dinghy sailing skills in order to sail more effectively.

To benefit from this course you will have already mastered the skills of Stage 4 or Level 2.


Adults & under 18’s

The aim of this course is to give a solid introduction to dinghy racing at club level to those who are already competent sailors. This five day course is essentially practical sessions afloat, backed up by lectures and demonstrations ashore. Please note this course requires a minimum of 4 people to run.

Instructor Pre-Assessment

Price £95

Age 16 +

In order to be accepted for training at Instructor level, all candidates must pass a practical test conducted by an RYA Coach / Examiner. The test serves as a filter, as there is no time on the instructor training course for candidates to be taught how to sail at the required standard.

For further details see RYA publication G14 (www.bewlwater.org/ pre-assessment). Please note this course requires a minimum of 4 people to run.

Instructor Training & Assessment

Price £375

Age 16 +

The aim of this intensive five day instructor training course, run by an RYA Coach/Examiner, is to provide you with the skills and techniques required to teach students how to sail. There are a number of prerequisites, see RYA publication G14. Please note this course requires a minimum of 4 people to run.

Junior Sailing Courses

RYA Young Sailors Scheme

The RYA Young Sailors Scheme encourages young people to learn to sail in stages, within a sound framework of safety and tuition.

No time limits are given for the different stages, as children learn at very different rates, according to their age and enthusiasm. Nobody can fail – some may need a little more time and experience. Certificates are not awarded simply for attending a course.

Our aims are to ensure they will have had a lot of fun, learnt a great deal and want to continue sailing in the future.

Start Sailing Stage 1

Price £145

Age 8+

By the end of this introductory two-day course you should be able to: launch a dinghy and get under way; steer and turn a dinghy when sailing; tie a figure of eight knot; be confident in the water wearing personal buoyancy.

Start Sailing Stage 2

Price £180

Age 8+

This three-day course follows on from Stage 1 and will continue to develop your sailing skills along the RYA syllabus as found in Young Sailors Logbook G11.


RYA Stage 1 or other suitable experience.

Start Sailing Stages 3 & 4

Price £275

Prerequisite: Age 11+ and completed stage 2 or similar experience

This five-day course will cover Stages 3 & 4, as appropriate to each individual. By the end we hope to have everyone confidently sailing a dinghy in light wind conditions. It is unlikely that Stage 3 & 4 will be achievable in one week.
If your aim is to get both certificates, repeating this course would be the way forward.
NB. This course is more demanding than previous Stages, and is suitable for those who are at least 11 years old and have stage 2 or similar experience.