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The Booking Process - Residentials

We know everyone is different; that one size does not fit all. That is why we create a bespoke programme, for each and every one of our customers.

Making a booking could not be easier.

  1. Call, E-mail or Pop in. Lets talk about what you want to do, and how we can help to make it happen.
  2. Check availability get a quote and we will hold your dates for 28 days. We know you need to discuss options with school leaders and parents so we won't ask you to commit at this stage
  3. Complete the Booking form to confirm your dates and approximate numbers. Organizing a trip for large groups is tough logistically and its not always easy to know exactly how many are going to sign up. We find that asking for a small financial contribution at this stage helps. we will invoice for 20% of the total amount of the trip once we receive your booking form.
  4. Have a chat with our team about what it is you want to get out of your visit. This is the really important bit so we can ensure a successful and effective program is delivered by our team they need to understand what you want to get out of it.
  5. Welcome to the team. It's not all about us, you are a part of the team when you book with Adventure Kent. This is your trip so it is important the programme works for you. We provide the expertise that create the adventure you help to guide the learning.

We will always be flexible throughout your visit when necessary and possible, to maximise the opportunities for all.

So If you have organised residential visits before or are considering your first we have the experience and knowledge to get the best outcomes for you and your group.

To start the process contact your chosen location directly.

Information for group leaders

Here you will find everything you need and a little bit more including our downloadable resources to make leading a trip to Adventure Kent as rewarding as possible.

The lounge

Coming Soon

After a day full of adventure the lounge is where groups like to share their experiences and relive the adventure. Full of useful information for visitors from Kit lists to activity descriptions.

Parent Zone

It can be an anxious time when your child is away but rest assured they are in safe hands. Find out what they will be doing and how you can ensure they are ready for their Adventure Kent experience.

Hopefully, you will forgive us for their dirty washing when you hear all about the adventure they took to create it.