A programme where school teaching and support staff run challenge stations. Guided and supported by our team of instructors with all equipment provided.

A round robin of custom team challenges, each designed to maximise student collaboration and strengthen relationships.

Scores can be applied to each station to add a competitive element to the day or support school inter house or class competitions.

Each instructors can oversee a maximum of four challenge stations, with 12 students per station that's 48 students per instructor this option takes the cost per student to just £6 for the day with one instructor and you have no student transport costs.

Increase the number of instructors to three and you can have 144 students that’s only £4.20 per student with no transport costs .

Problem Solving, Teamwork and Communication.

Instruction covered by the Adventure Activities Licensing Service (AALA)

If you want to make the most of the natural environment around your premises we can provide qualified, licenced, insured and vetted instructors to deliver one off or ongoing programmes.

Mountain biking

Climbing Indoor and outdoor



Subject to suitable local environments.

We can customise the experience to meet your learning needs.