About Us

Adventure Kent Mission statement

We deliver a high quality outdoor learning and personal development service. Through our highly trained and competent staff, we provide fun, safe and challenging adventures for all.

Our philosophy

We will work closely with each visiting group to ensure we

  • fully understand the purpose of your visit
  • provide a programme tailored to your needs
  • adapt our delivery style and content to meet your outdoor learning objectives
  • provide resources to assist you in measuring the impact of the outdoor learning undertaken
  • are confident you can achieve your outcomes
  • use the natural landscape whenever possible
  • provide open and transparent two way feedback across our service
  • regularly evaluate our work to ensure we deliver the best quality and value
  • Provide a supportive environment where you can challenge your perceptions of your own ability.
  • Take the opportunity for transferable and reflective learning throughout our delivery.

High Quality Outdoor Learning

We are proud of the standards we have achieved, and continue to achieve in the realm of Outdoor Education:

We are registered with the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA), under the auspices of the Health and Safety Executive, and our details can be viewed on line: Kent Mountain Centre - http://www.aals.org.uk/aals/provider_detail.php?ref_no=R0394 Bewl water - http://www.aals.org.uk/aals/provider_detail.php?ref_no=R0289

Adventuremark is a non-statutory safety scheme devised by the Adventure Activity Industry Advisory Committee, for providers of adventurous activities that are outside the scope of AALA regulations: http://www.adventuremark.co.uk/

The Association of Heads of Outdoor Education Centres is committed to quality in outdoor learning, to inspirational experiences, challenging activities, excitement and fun, all with a lifelong positive impact: http://ahoec.org/2012/02/kent-mountain-centre/

The LOtC Quality Badge, awarded by the Council for LOtC, provides a national award combining the essential elements of provision (learning and safety) into one trusted accreditation scheme for all types of provider organisations: http://lotcqualitybadge.org.uk/

The Kent Mountain Centre is a provider of courses accredited by the Mountain Training Association:

Bewl Water is an approved RYA Training and Sail-ability centre.


Meet the team



Chief Instructor Adventure Kent, Kent Mountain Centre

Have a question about KMC ask Jez at The Kent Mountain Centre

Richard Retallick

Richard Retallick

Chief instructor Adventure Kent, Bewl Water Outdoor Centre

Have a question about Bewl? Ask Richard at Bewl Water Outdoor Education Centre

Terry Cavanagh

Terry Cavanagh

Chief Instructor Adventure Kent Swattenden

Have a question about Swattenden then ask Terry at  The Swattenden Centre